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Week 28 Pull Up - Pull Out - Pull Down "Average is over" - either we understand that we become a lifelong learner or we can no longer be competitive or exist. The...

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Hope Centre of Learning

Doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons, will yield the right results.
Dan Carter

The Hope Centre of Learning is part of the Oshawa Community Health Centre, and is located in the Dr. Bryce A. Brown Wellness Centre and the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre, Conant Branch.  Situated in the south end of Oshawa and overlooking the Oshawa Creek the Hope Centre embraces; inclusion, hope and investing in today so we all have a better tomorrow. Oshawa Community Health Centre is a non-profit charitable organization and a leader in community health services and programs. Its mission is to empower residents to improve their physical, emotional and social well-being. The centre has celebrated over twenty nine years of dedication to building a stronger and healthier Oshawa.

The Hope Centre of Learning is the dream of Dan and Paula Carter. The objective of the Hope Centre of Learning is to enhance people’s opportunity for learning. It was created to encompass new technologies and expand knowledge and growth. The goal of the Centre is to introduce people to the latest books on history, biographies, leadership and stories of success in all walks of life. The Hope Centre of Learning was built on the belief that we can do more, be more, and help more, when we learn more.

Mac computers have been provided for use in the Hope Centre in the effort to utilize new technologies. There is also a “Computers for Kids” program where laptop computers are made available for lending to students who would like to work on a computer at home. The Hope Centre also provides an after school snack program since you can’t learn on an empty stomach!

The Centre is used during the day for Alzheimer caregiver relief where arts and crafts, music and exercise are part of the program. The Hope Centre of Learning truly encompasses all generations!

The Hope Centre of Learning is a place where dreams start, respect is shown, success is encouraged, and where people are inspired to believe that anything is possible. Most importantly it is a place where hope will always be cultivated.

Also present in the room is a plaque recognizing the students that have received the Isobel Carter Youth Education Award. Each year the names of the recipients are proudly added to the plaque. The Hope Centre is very proud of the Wall of Hope Partners where those individuals and companies that have helped us see the reality of our dream our honoured.

The Hope Centre of Learning offers a unique space for people to learn, play and be motivated and inspired to reach for the stars. Dan and Paula ask you to join their vision that everyone is entitled to start each day with hope.

If you would like to join the Hope team as a corporate partner or if you have skills or services that you would like to share, please contact us at

Dan & Paula Carter